No. But, they will turn bending into a feature. I have been with Apple long enough to know this unfortunate event will only inspire them to design a flexible iPhone, or innovate off the clam shell design, making folding chic once again. If not iPhone 7, then certainly iPhone 8 will tout the phone’s designed flexibility. In their […]


Today I made my first cheeseburger. Although the preparation time  is considerable, rendering it on the virtual barbecue is quick & easy. Make that a small coke and a cheeseburger and forget the chips.

I Must Be Me If iPhone Let’s Me In.

iPhone 6 is tomorrow’s space age memorabilia. Noteworthy refinement at a glance and well-seasoned to please even the most fussy millennial. iPhone 6 is our ticket to the interstellar passages of time and space; being everywhere at once and nowhere at all or, doing everything at once while doing nothing at all, we decide. We […]

Rolls of Quarters for $15?

Daring Fireball published a news story about a little known company who will ship a roll of quarters to your door for as little as $US 14.99 each month. That’s not bad, but Bank of America has them beat. As an online-only banking customer of B of A, they charge me $US 19.00 for a roll of […]

The Apple Death Bell Tolls Once More

The iPhone 6 Had Better Be Amazing And Cheap, Because Apple Is Losing The War To Android —Jim Edwards, Business Insider – May 31, 2014 “Apple is set to release iPhone 6, its latest update to the iPhone juggernaut, in the fall. While iPhone 6 sales are expected to be huge for various reasons, there is a […]

Steve Ballmer’s New Hobby…

 Steve Ballmer has transformed a mediocre team into the most expensive one in the NBA. Does that mean the Miami Heat is now worth less, or more than the Clippers? Is a  billion-dollars now the new million-dollar increment?

It was Swift, not Copland…

Thursday, April 3, 2014 – 12:28 pm · Reply on MacDailyNews website. “I’m going out on a limb here to say, this might be Yellow box-Blue box revisited. After studying Apple’s postcard and its by-line, I see a yellow box with a blue stripe down the middle. Yellow is absent in the rainbow of color […]