Strawberry Fields Forever

3D strawberries created in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray®.


My 3D model of Velociraptor. Although she’s unfinished I couldn’t resist compositing her and playing around with the lighting.

All That and a bag of chips…

These used to be some of my favorite snacks. 3D Models were made using Maya software.

Creative Corner – Cartoon Cola

    Using Autodesk Maya, I created these 3D models of Classic Coke® beside a cartoon house. I am still a novice at 3D modeling but I am really enjoying this new-found passion.

Steve Ballmer’s New Hobby…

 Steve Ballmer has transformed a mediocre team into the most expensive one in the NBA. Does that mean the Miami Heat is now worth less, or more than the Clippers? Is a  billion-dollars now the new million-dollar increment?

A Simple Solution For Google Glass

Spoil their fun with a harmless solution of H20. When they show up en masse meet them half way.