No. But, they will turn bending into a feature. I have been with Apple long enough to know this unfortunate event will only inspire them to design a flexible iPhone, or innovate off the clam shell design, making folding chic once again. If not iPhone 7, then certainly iPhone 8 will tout the phone’s designed flexibility. In their […]


Today I made my first cheeseburger. Although the preparation time  is considerable, rendering it on the virtual barbecue is quick & easy. Make that a small coke and a cheeseburger and forget the chips.

I Must Be Me If iPhone Let’s Me In.

iPhone 6 is tomorrow’s space age memorabilia. Noteworthy refinement at a glance and well-seasoned to please even the most fussy millennial. iPhone 6 is our ticket to the interstellar passages of time and space; being everywhere at once and nowhere at all or, doing everything at once while doing nothing at all, we decide. We […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

3D strawberries created in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray®.


My 3D model of Velociraptor. Although she’s unfinished I couldn’t resist compositing her and playing around with the lighting.

All That and a bag of chips…

These used to be some of my favorite snacks. 3D Models were made using Maya software.