About G4Dualie

G4Dualie is the moniker of the first Macintosh I owned that could keep up with my creative bursts. The software tools were all seasoned 2s & 3s and I was making bank. As the only Mac shop, in a town of 160k, it didn’t take long to seek out those who thought Macs were only good for graphics.

Graphic Results! became a reality. I joined the chamber of commerce, played a little golf, went to the theater, until I was doing business with everyone in town. My investment paid off  handsomely. I became friends with hundreds of the many fine people of Yuma, Arizona. They embraced me and my family and my children thrived. Super place to raise a family.

Before that, it was Mac SE30 and a Mac 9600DP running  OS 9 and the days of clicking the mouse button that  would bring the computer to a grinding halt. Illustrator files would take minutes to redraw themselves during screen refreshes. A Print job could take thirty-minutes or more. Oh, it was terrible, but I multitasked, sipping coffee, answering calls, and jaunts to the bathroom was all part of the computing process.

And finally, there was my Apple ][ and the hundreds of programs on 5.25-inch floppies I stored in black, water-proof ammo cans. One  empty 45-caliber ammo can could hold at least fifty disks in their jackets. I used a Taxon color monitor, a Duo Disk (double floppy drive) and the ImageWriter II. I was in the Winter season of Apple computing with the Apple ][ and I  was learning to program in Basic and AppleSoft.

Nibble magazine was my favorite learning tool. It was always chock full of news and How-tos. The local Apple users group maintained back issues of other magazines like Micro, Softalk, and Orchard  available and each month they offered its membership a floppy disk of software.

It’s been thirty-years of Apple computing and I’m looking forward to thirty more!