I Must Be Me If iPhone Let’s Me In.

iPhone 6 is tomorrow’s space age memorabilia.

applejobNoteworthy refinement at a glance and well-seasoned to please even the most fussy millennial. iPhone 6 is our ticket to the interstellar passages of time and space; being everywhere at once and nowhere at all or, doing everything at once while doing nothing at all, we decide. We are the captains of this ship.

iPhone empowers us to keep the world at bay, diverting the flow of queries and quandaries as we sail through our day. By attacking the number of gestures needed to propel us through the gauntlet of checkpoints in our daily lives, Apple’s iOS 8 has finally laid a foundation for moving sidewalks and escalators at our feet.

Fifty-years ago, no man of property was without a pen nor wallet who didn’t value their signature and identity more than life itself. Today that meme is fading. Just as pencil is great for sketching and ink is for real, iPhone  6 has eclipsed the pen and wallet by an order of magnitude to become Me, sans the hologram and stained pocket.

A finger print truly is our identity and the gateway to the man in the mirror.  A simple handshake with iPhone opens the front door, therefore, I must be me if  I can unlock my iPhone and iPhone can unlock my home.

If my secret handshake opens the door to the most private chambers of my life, then unequivocally I am who I say I am. iPhone is my passport through life, and now a magic wand that opens doors with the wave of my hand.

I exist in iPhone therefore iPhone is me.

It stands to reason, an iPhone by any other name would be me and pass for “ze papers” to anyone in charge. My identity has impregnated my smart phone and I treat it as a child with care.

The smart phone is a technoalbatross of the 21st Century for anyone living on the grid. It sifts through the metadata of our mind, trying to make sense of our lives, so we should all buy the smartest one available. If you’re going to mold your life into a smart phone, keep it real.

Keep it Sixes & Eights.

iPhone 6 is now its own solar system expanding every day. It’s not some pixellated galaxy adulterated by queer genesis, born in the mindset of the business interests who delivered the first unoriginal Electric Sheep.

This iPhone/iOS soulful system will light up like a New York skyline on a moonless night and move like wild-fire as millions more migrate to Six & Eight in the coming months.

iPhone 6 represents a better and brighter future for the connective collective, and what matters most to us; an ethereal existence with these extremely personal devices that brings us closer with greater frequency, but does so with unparalleled ease, is at the top of everyone’s list who values their Time & Identity.

iPhone is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas in a big way and buy me one of these!

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