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Apple’s iTunes Radio Needs Disc Jockeys

transistor_radioDisc jockeys are instrumental to increasing music sales. They are extremely effective for generating interest in every aspect to the music culture.

Without these musical oracles creating atmosphere and personalizing the music with historical context and back story, how would we value music?

iTunes Radio needs DJ’s and who better than professional musicians playing the music that inspires them. Apple should hire musicians in every genre to create remixes of their favorite music.

I would love to hear music played by my favorite musicians, talking between songs or over them or whatever. The point is, I would love to hear what my favorite musicians listen to and why.

iTunes Radio should hire current and former musicians to record one hour segments of their personal favorites. Perhaps music that inspired them when they were growing up. Music they listen to when they are engaged in a particular activity. Our favorites have favorites too.

These DJ podcasts would inspire us all to revisit all manner of music with new purpose and meaning. This, I believe, would increase music sales.


I've retired after fifty-years of military service to the United States that began with my birth in a countryside RAF field hospital in Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire, England. My father was career Air Force. We lived in Arrington, a tiny villiage that sat adjacent to a family farm that was home to ___________ family who made the land available for a Royal Air Force airfield. I completed twenty-years of my own service as a Marine before opening a graphics business in Yuma, Arizona in 1997. The shop, Graphic Results! was a Mac-based outfit supporting four-color seps, print-to-film, newspaper and book publishing. We offered support for Quark XPress, Pagemaker, InDesign, as well as proprietary newspaper systems like AdSpeed and AdSense, et. al. As my own graphics skills improved I focused on photographic restoration and reproduction, as well as retouching. The latter service provided several photographers in the Desert Southwest an opportunity to salvage photographs once thought unsalable. I would make fast friends with the Mothers' of the brides who sought to replace heads, open closed eyes, adjust clothing and oftentimes, removing people altogether from their photographs.

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