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A Simple Solution For Google Glass

Spoil their fun with a harmless solution of H20. When they show up en masse meet them half way.

Say it with Love
Say it with Love

I've retired after fifty-years of military service to the United States that began with my birth in a countryside RAF field hospital in Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire, England. My father was career Air Force. We lived in Arrington, a tiny villiage that sat adjacent to a family farm that was home to ___________ family who made the land available for a Royal Air Force airfield. I completed twenty-years of my own service as a Marine before opening a graphics business in Yuma, Arizona in 1997. The shop, Graphic Results! was a Mac-based outfit supporting four-color seps, print-to-film, newspaper and book publishing. We offered support for Quark XPress, Pagemaker, InDesign, as well as proprietary newspaper systems like AdSpeed and AdSense, et. al. As my own graphics skills improved I focused on photographic restoration and reproduction, as well as retouching. The latter service provided several photographers in the Desert Southwest an opportunity to salvage photographs once thought unsalable. I would make fast friends with the Mothers' of the brides who sought to replace heads, open closed eyes, adjust clothing and oftentimes, removing people altogether from their photographs.

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