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The Worm Has Turned

For the first time in thirty-years, a significant conclave of developers are coding for Apple consumers and they’re not only making bank, they’re channeling the experience.

Peter Cohen wrote a good article entitled, How many customers does Apple need before it’s not a cult anymore? and in it he states, “The only people who were still using Macs were ones who really believed the products were better. ”

It wasn’t that we “really believed”, we knew they were better. The alternative not only meant moving backwards, but it could also be seen as a sign of capitulation to Microsoft and the Triumvirate of Tech in Thurott, Dvorak, and Enderle, pompous pundits who would still be bleating today about how they weren’t the least bit surprised Apple was a total failure.

What we’re not hearing today, is their mea culpas. So instead I take great delight in revisiting all of their pompous proclamations for the last thirty-years. Dewy, Cheatem, and Howe!

The Windows market blossomed because libraries of Windows software was pirated from work. Copy machines running day & night making copies of software manuals. Cheap computers sold with bootleg Windows software created a business model that could be replicated wherever Microsoft was sold.

Microsoft’s rise to market leader came as a result of Piracy, not actual sales. Enterprise kept Microsoft afloat to stabilize myriad versions of Windows. The fact that the U.S. Veterans Administration is still using Windows XP Pro is indicative of how Microsoft lost control of their business. The VA seems afraid to move off XP because the thought of replacing tens-of-millions of computers capable of operating under the latest version of Windows would kill any chance of improving my healthcare.

The worm has turned.

It has also made course corrections by shifting the focus from software to hardware.Apple is now the one advancing technology and their vertical market strategy is paying off thanks to Jobs’ belief in Alan Kay.

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