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Apple In Space Buckle up!

Apple has developed a product to compete with PS4 & Xbox.

Apple’s new “home Mac” will eclipse anything Microsoft and Sony has in their skunkworks due to Apple’s head start these past five-years. Who’s crestfallen to hear Apple isn’t making a television after all? It still remains to be seen what Apple will unveil in June but I don’t believe it will be a television.

Besides, a television isn’t a device upon which to continue to build a legacy, considering those big boxy products will disappear in the next five-years, replaced with monitors, sans bezel. But a “home computer” running a hybrid OS X/iOS configuration playing games, movies, and radio over broadband will give Apple enough time to launch several satellites, after which they’ll flip a switch, and cut the cable.

Welcome to Space, the final Interface.

If I’m even close in my ramblings, then I would expect to see an OSX/iOS hybrid named after Birds!, or something close to it.

An OS ready for flight. Buckle up!

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