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If Corporations are People, is the Government Big Foot?

If corporations are people who pursued careers in combat sports, their weight classifications should make for an entertaining experience each time out. Instead we are subjected to too many horrific mismatches that leave indelible scars on all who attend.

Mom & Pops’ are the fly weights in this spectacle and how many of them went down swinging in the last hundred years? How many cheap shots did they take before the referee intervened?

Imagine small business stumbling back to their empty corner to get their own chair and catch their breath. Meanwhile across the ring, their opponent who has yet to break a sweat, is being pampered by twenty specialists.

Round 2

The government’s role in this farcical mixed martial arts analogy? The Octagon, the Judge and Referee. The rules & regulations are also written by the government, except on those occasions when the fighters are invited to write the rules themselves, in which case the judges and referees are the last to know.

All concessions in and around the arena, the seating, the facilities and infrastructure, are provided by the state. All monies are heavily taxed by the government, further reducing the states’ role as hosts for combat economics.

The market is the arena and gives the fighters a chance to slug it out for the title, or as is usually the case, the prize money because it spends so much better than belts and titles.

Government regulation matches unlikely opponents, resulting in a bloodbath at the smaller opponents expense. But the fight doesn’t end there in the octagon, it spills over into the seats and they join in until the market is crushed, leaving the state to pick up the tab.

Meanwhile the fighters pick up and move to another state, where their scouting agents have found a more lucrative arena. Some government pairings make even the most hated and vile opponent wince; allowing the obese to consume fly weights like so many grapes.

The Judges are agents of the government who can’t see the fight from every angle and all too often their vision is obscured by the fighters themselves. We boo and yell at the results of the scoring but nothing ever changes because the government has yet to enlighten the judges or make their life any easier.

Like the judges in mixed martial arts who refuse to put monitors on the table in front of them enabling another point of view, they are instead using the uncertainty as a fudge factor in their scoring and salary.

Personally, I’d like to see the judges get off their collective asses and walk around the arena for a completely unobstructed view of the fight, the seats, the entire venue.

The arena, the referees, the titles, the sponsors, the dazzling spectacle of the half-time celebration is all for us, the American people, many of whom are too poor to attend, because of the seating arrangements.

I stopped attending the fights a decade ago. I quit working and started living. I gave up my season tickets because lately the only thing worse than a lopsided fight, is a fixed fight, where the opponent goes down at the opening bell. They just flop because they no longer have the heart of a champion and flopping is indicative of a bankrupt heart.

Everyday is just a long series of lopsided bouts. Soon every title and all the prize money will be held by a handful of brutes who don’t have to listen to anyone anymore. At that point we, the state and the government all become grapes.

Did we pay to get in and are the concessions free? Please tell me there is another venue?

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