Will iWatch be Waterproof?

Nobody will buy an Apple watch because its a fine timepiece. They’ll buy if it for myriad functionality in everyday activities.

Apple consumers know what constitutes a fine timepiece and millions of us own them but may not wear them as frequently as say a sport watch. The point is, men have watches for every occasion and iWatch will serve as a replacement for them all, except a Black Tie Watch, maybe.

A Black Tie watch from Apple is what we need, one to replace the fine timepiece, right?

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 is a fine example of a sport watch. This watch was designed to compliment the 1.4-million dollar Bugatti Veyron and sells for $274,000. Its comprised of 374 precision made parts and is a work of art.

Rolex also makes expensive watches, as does TAG Heuer. So Apple figures they can design a watch to meet the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not only is the Watch market new territory, so too is the design arena; Apple’s designers want a crack at competing with the world’s finest craftsman of timepieces.

An Apple wrist watch that can be used in an underwater environment would be high on my list of purchases, especially if third-parties begin making apps and peripherals to be used in conjunction with underwater diving, or sky diving, or any environment of atmosphere where pressure and gravity is a factor.

As you may know, wearers of fine timepieces do so for our benefit, especially Old Money who can’t even read the face of their analog watch anymore. But an iWatch has the potential to mimic features found only on the most expensive watches, many of which are analog processes related to nautical and aeronautical activities, all having digital equivalents now, like alerts, stats, and answers, but the view will be so much better.

When Apple produces a watch, it will be as disruptive to the watch market as iPod was for the music industry.

Fine analog craftsmanship is what distinguishes a watch these days and I see a strong correlation between the Apple designs in its own seamless products made of exotic materials and the craftsmanship of making 400 pieces of dissimilar metals work in perpetual harmony in something the size of a watch invaluable. No one appreciates design like Apple, perhaps not on the scale of Swiss watchmakers, but if any company can bridge the gap between Analog timepieces and Digital devices for a mass market, it’s Apple.


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