Can Apple change Time?

Can Apple enter the wrist watch market and change it the way they’ve changed every industry they’ve entered?

If Apple unveils iWatch to standing ovations and evens everyone’s conviction, Apple’s Kay Principle to build both the software and hardware is the best approach, perhaps talk of a Microsoft-branded desktop will gain traction?

Samsung isn’t competing exclusively with Apple, they’re competing for a slice of the 60-billion dollar watch market who was caught snickering at Samsung’s offering. However, that same group is still holding its collective breath in anticipation of what Apple unveils.

Every sale of an Apple watch takes a sale away from a time piece maker. I believe an Apple watch will achieve a faster rate of adoption than iPod and will garner Apple a twenty-percent share of that 60-billion dollar watch market within 10-years. Go AAPL!

Apple may not produce a diamond-encrusted iWatch but someone will take one and glue some jewels on it and sell it for tens-of-thousands.

I predict iWatch Red sells for a 100-grand.

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