If Corporations are People, is the Government Big Foot?

If corporations are people who pursued careers in combat sports, their weight classifications should make for an entertaining experience each time out. Instead we are subjected to too many horrific mismatches that leave indelible scars on all who attend. Mom & Pops’ are the fly weights in this spectacle and how many of them went […]

Will iWatch be Waterproof?

Nobody will buy an Apple watch because its a fine timepiece. They’ll buy if it for myriad functionality in everyday activities. Apple consumers know what constitutes a fine timepiece and millions of us own them but may not wear them as frequently as say a sport watch. The point is, men have watches for every […]

Can Apple change Time?

Can Apple enter the wrist watch market and change it the way they’ve changed every industry they’ve entered? If Apple unveils iWatch to standing ovations and evens everyone’s conviction, Apple’s Kay Principle to build both the software and hardware is the best approach, perhaps talk of a Microsoft-branded desktop will gain traction? Samsung isn’t competing […]