Services is to Windows what Couture is to Walmart

With Steven Sinofsky out of the picture and Steve Ballmer now stepping down, Ray Ozzie gets my vote as new CEO of Microsoft. He assumed the role of Bill Gates when Gates stepped down and he is a software guy after all.

In 2005, Ray Ozzie wrote the internal memo entitled, The Internet Services Disruption, that offered forward-looking statements regarding internet-based services and how Microsoft would struggle if they failed to keep pace with the competition, as he called them:

” …a set of very strong and determined competitors is laser-focused on internet services and service-enabled software.”

Microsoft stumbled badly with Windows Vista and everyone knows Microsoft software development languishes every time Windows flops. Enter Steve Sinofsky, the man who single-handedly ruined Microsoft Word with those clownish user interfaces from hell, was given the task of fixing Windows. With a leaner Kernel, he gutted Windows Vista and Microsoft created what can only be described as a new foundation.

Steve Sinofsky clashed with Ray Ozzie, because Sinofsky wanted to fix Microsoft Windows before there was any talk of a collaboration of services. Had they started in 2005, incorporating internet and service-enabled software into the beta of Windows Vista, Ray Ozzie would have exposed the flaws inherent in Vista.

OMG, services is to Windows what Couture is to Walmart. Bring back Ray Ozzie.

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