A Centrist’s POV

Could you, a True Democrat thrive in the role of a centrist Republican without falling from grace? Could your family thrive?

My sense is, if you said no, then you’re probably an ideologue unable to make course corrections to find middle ground on what matters to 80% of these United States; harmony over hostility.

I was Republican all my life and then I retired from the military. I was apolitical until my adult children began pursuing higher education and then I used the GI Bill to get myself involved and the Democrats valued veterans more than the Republicans as evidenced by the total state of disrepair of this Nation’s health care system, a small part of which is the pathetic VA budget.

I submit, any centrist party member could switch roles with their “antagonist” counterpart in the “opposite” party and flourish because Centrists in any field known by any other name would be interchangeable!

It would seem the elitists of both parties are proffering a reverie no one has ever experienced, not even in their dreams, so my advice for the World would be follow my dream; Make Love Not War.

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