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iWatch or iWear?

peterblood71 – MacDaily News member

Thursday, February 21, 2013 – 2:08 pm

“Except, except, I HATE wearing watches and rings and such. I thought at last we were beyond the Dick Tracy era. Well I guess it never really started but portable pocket devices are close enough. Hmmm maybe Apple will call it the iDick…”

It will not stop with watches and decoder rings so fear not blood71, you won’t feel left out.

Textiles for luxurious garments are next.

Apple will patent multitouch fabrics embedded with flex-circuitry interfacing with bluetooth and wifi offering the user a total ethereal connection to the resources of the Internet. This connection can be scripted myriad ways to the delight of the user.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing process will require cost-prohibitive retrofitting and so we will begin to see a rise in new manufacturing here in America ignited by Apple’s treasure trove of intellectual property that will translate into textiles.

Pricey coats and hats and gloves will make up the bulk of the market for a product that is still to thick to wear casually, but will begin to appear for a market who goes for such novelties, but until Apple can weave silicon as thin as silk, manufacturing will be confined to high-security compounds on foreign soil, to secure the process from corporate espionage.

When the fabric is as thin as pantyhose and can be layered for effect, Apple will open manufacturing here in America to preserve the process and finally Americans will be producing specialty textiles in myriad fabrics, styles, and colors.

In the same manner the cotton ginning meme lead to the mass production of textiles to kickstart the industrial revolution, Apple Apparel, Inc will impact our GDP by an order of magnitude when manufacturing is in full bloom for embedding circuitry into our ties and tees.

Tugging a tie will shuffle your music, tugging your collar will condition the environment under your clothes; cooler/warmer, breathable/sealed, your clothes will not only make you comfortable inside and out, but will actually make you smarter, giving you an edge over those who cannot afford such apparel.

Your clothing is listening to you speak and as you talk a computer is poised to provide you with the word on the tip of your tongue; you’ll tug silently at your cuff and the word will be whispered into your ear!

When our clothes start whispering in our ears we’ll wonder whose voice it is we’re listening to as it is instructing us to take a leap of faith. Mmm…

In any case, the iWatch is just a precursor to wearable computers; our street clothes will envelop us in a shower of knowledge, cascading down from satellites and the population of Wikibots (people dispensing useless information like me) will become the world’s largest living organism of unoriginal people on the planet.

Computing will transcend man when he no longer controls the on/off switch so I hope they build a kill-switch into my jockeys before I exceed my better judgement!


Read more at http://macdailynews.com/2013/02/21/abi-research-apple-iwatch-could-prove-to-be-revelation-in-wearable-tech/#l8BXhkkTpImApY3e.99

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