Typing from iPad

I am sitting on my porch, typing this comment on a 1st gen iPad.

I am unbelieveably happy for the first time in a long time.

For timealone visitors, welcome. I am preparing to unveil a new Time Alone site and hope to have it ready to go by April 2024. So sit back and relax and let my new site blow you down like a runaway freight train!


2 comments on “Typing from iPad

  1. I always loved your Mickey Mouse airplane gif! No entries since August. Hope all is well with you. MacCentral folk are hanging at several different places now. Some on FaceBook [invitation only], some at MacTech Forum, some at Ed’s MacCentral Cafe and the numbers are getting fewer and fewer. I just looked to see if I had the Christmas Tree you made for 2011. I do have it. If you would like, I can post i for 2012 without changing anything. If you want to muck with it and host it, that would be nice too.

    I am, of course, Ethel H. Sorensen, aka starmillway, aka KateSorensen, McMinnville, OR 97128

    katesoren1936 @ yahoo.com

    Happy Holidays to you and yours [I wonder if you have a dog.]

    • Thank you for waking me up, Ethel! I must have dozed off. Oh my! Look at the time!

      Thank you for your kind words and yes, I do have a dog named Jeep. Happy New Year!

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