Apple lifts all boats!

Who can deny Apple’s competitors are also benefiting from Apple’s skyrocketing success. What awaits the world of consumers is Apple’s mindset applied to other industries, like the thermostat.

One topical area of interest will be in manufacturing. I can see a return to the early days of America’s industrial revolution where workers lived and worked and their children were schooled on the manufacturing premises in dorm-like buildings if single, and subsidized housing if married.

Perhaps Apple can kick-start a manufacturing revolution, starting in California, putting tens-of-thousands to work. If Apple were to subsidize cost-of-living expenses (allowances) then wages could be dramatically reduced.

For a billion-dollars to start, Apple could buy up residential properties of modestly-built housing, or blow-in-place and rebuild housing for its employees. Campus living for singles is certainly doable.

Let’s kick it around and see what we could come up with… assuming Apple was going to bring manufacturing back to the US of A, what would it take to make the move more palatable?

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