Apple Television; I don’t get it

I’ve read all about the “GUI” and Siri and Apple design and blah, blah, blah but what we haven’t read about is, just how practical is a wireless “internet” TV?

What about content? Is the iTunes Store going to be the only source of content, besides the usual suspects like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, et. al.?

If the internet is the conduit used for transmission, then good luck trying to sell many Apple-branded televisions. There isn’t enough bandwidth from your ISP to wirelessly stream everyone’s standard def video much less high def, not without a whole lot of cooperation from your ISP.

Speaking of which, why would the cable company, who also offers broadband internet, want to work with Apple and their internet television? Clearly, cable companies have a distinct advantage because they are wired directly into your home. Same with Dish and DirecTV, they don’t suffer bandwidth issues.

So big deal, Apple comes to market with a television that is awesome looking, complete with a DVR, beautiful menus and themes, 10x picture-in-picture, wallpaper, ad nauseum, what about content?

I figure this television will stumble, much the same way as Apple TV, because quite frankly, the first iteration was screaming to be hacked just to make it more useful.

I installed a Broadcom Chrystal HD chip in mine, displacing the Airport card, to get 1080p. But more than that, I hacked it in order to have access to hundreds of obscure television channels normally available only on cable television, but have found a home in hundreds of repositories around the Net. Most of these “stations” are broadcasting crappy quality signal anyway.

No matter how you slice it though, you have to have broadband access and it would seem Apple is going to have a hard row to hoe, getting everyone to accept all of their content over wireless.

Apple why don’t you just launch a fricking satellite or two, or four and take the walled garden concept into the 21st Century? Sell a dish with every television.

Anyway, I don’t get it. I don’t want an iTunes Store TV set that only works over wirelessAs an Apple shareholder, I don’t want to see an Apple-branded television that comes with a tuner and cable connections that is supposed to compete with the existing high-end manufacturers on the strength of a fricking GUI and a one-button remote.

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