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iWatch, Apple’s Latest Gadget

Many seem to think Steve Jobs possesses these amazing leadership skills and that they were responsible for resurrecting Apple.

It’s not Steve Jobs’ leadership skills that propelled Apple forward, it was his mind and imagination and, a unique combination of Right/Left-brained functionality.

I mean, that’s the impression one gets after reading all the literature available about the man.

One of his leadership traits is decisiveness, and once he makes up his mind he rarely, if ever, changes his mind, even to the detriment of the task, project, the group, and the organization, even when he’s wrong.

Inside the man is a special quality, I presume to be an ideology of serenity wherein the balance lays between Everyman and machines. His mind is the proving ground for a select type of technology of which, he’s not afraid.

He is the catalyst for this latest burst of micro-machines and if he has the time, I’d like to see one more Apple-branded gadget make its debut; the iWatch. That’s right, I’d like to see both wrist and pocket watches that are just as capable as the iPhone.

iWatch Mock-up

Another Mock-up

I’d love to see the look on Bill Gates’s face and eye-roll when Apple introduces iWatch.

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