Here we go again…

If not for Microsoft, I’d bet the farm on HTML5-based Web apps. Apple, Google, Mozilla, Opera, and a few mobile browsers all support the OpenGL standard and are all developing web apps for future implementation. Even Microsoft has accepted HTML5 but have their own ideas about the future. The key element to web app development […]

iWatch, Apple’s Latest Gadget

Many seem to think Steve Jobs possesses these amazing leadership skills and that they were responsible for resurrecting Apple. It’s not Steve Jobs’ leadership skills that propelled Apple forward, it was his mind and imagination and, a unique combination of Right/Left-brained functionality. I mean, that’s the impression one gets after reading all the literature available […]

The Seating Arrangements

Under Microsoft’s dynasty, might made right (market share) and with Apple’s resurgence came a new meme; intelligence is fashionable. Years ago, the audience (market share) at the game was a sea of Microsoft jerseys, which engulfed the small patch of Apple fans in the nose-bleed seats, who had to yell to be heard over the […]

AAPL Now Worth More Than WinTel

What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying [to be the CEO of Apple]? He knows he can’t win. – Bill Gates, June 1998 To understand Wall Street’s view of Apple, you need to know they look to the company with the largest financial presence in technology, from which everyone else is […]