Don’t Change the Venue of WWDC!

Don’t be too hasty to change the venue just because the response this year has been overwhelming. It won’t be like this for too much longer.

The novelty of the mobile “gold rush” will diminish and the rise in consumer expectation and the developers’ ability to raise the bar for quality, productivity, and entertainment, will serve to weed out mediocre developers, i.e., the makers of fart apps, etc. You can bet those individuals won’t be attending WWDC.

What can we expect in the years to come with the convergence of OS X and iOS? What might the fusion of these two platforms yield? A hybrid system that responds to the inflections of all of our senses at a molecular level?

Could capacitive sensing used now for touch be applied to the intonation and modulation of our voices? Or the cadence and rhythm of our heartbeat?

What about the application of the capacitive sensing characteristics to other products and materials, like clothing, automotive dashboards and control surfaces, etc.

At the moment, I would say that the majority of developers are entertainment-centric who are content to reproduce digital remixes of venerable analog favorites but eventually the pioneers and visionaries will begin to chart a course for more scientific applications of this hybrid OS. The venue for these kinds of skunk works and proving grounds will eclipse the purpose of the WWDC. In other words, the WWDC as we know it, is just a set of training wheels (heuristics) for Deus ex machina.

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